Preparation of Monthly CIS Returns (1-10 people)         £25 per month

Preparation of Monthly CIS Returns (10-20 people)       £40 per month

Preparation of Monthly CIS Returns (20+ people)          £1.75 per person


Verification of Sub-Contractor                                       £5 per person


Sub-Contractors Payment Certificate                            £2.50 per person


Payroll Processing, including payslip (prices are per person, unless otherwise stated)

No. of Employees                 Weekly                    Monthly

1-25                                    £1.75                       £2.00

(£20 minimum)

25                                        £1.75                      £1.75



Statutory Forms

End of Year Forms P35/P14/P60           £150 per annum

P45/P46                    1-10                    FREE

                                 11+                     £2 per form 


We are fully compliant with the new RTI regime and can provide PAYE healthchecks to ensure that your payroll is compliant.